Porous Pipe

The Growing Future Of Irrigation

Porous Pipe is an ISO9001 quality accredited manufacturing and distribution company based in the North West of the UK. Established in 1969, the company manufactures a comprehensive range of Porous Pipe Soaker Hose for both the commercial and hobby irrigation markets.
Porous Pipe is made form a large proportion of recycled raw materials to ISO9001 quality standards and is sold in over 20 countries. It is one component of a wide range of irrigation Solutions that are becoming mroe and more crucial in colving global horticultural, agricultural and food production challenges into the next century.


Applications & Uses

Porous pipe is used across the globe comercially and by hobbyists alike to bring a gentle and precise irrigation solution for their needs. Our range of products can be used:

  • To water garden borders, flower beds, vegetable pots, plant pots, seed trays, and capillary matting.
  • To irrigate gardens, landscapes, greenhouses, cloches, and allotments.
  • Our customers have also found uses for Porous Pipe products for aeration in fish ponds, foundation watering and more.