Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To The Most Asked Questions

How do I set up Porous Pipe +

You can visit our Tutorial Page for a full step by step guide to configuring your Porous Pipe system.

Can I use a soluble fertiliser? +

Yes, provided it is completely soluble in water.

Can I leave Porous Pipe out all winter? +

Yes, although it is better to store the pipe away in a dry place. if the pipe is buried this will serve to insulate it against severe frosts. Remember to remove the end bungs and drain the system.

Can I leave Porous Pipe out all summer? +

Yes, but if you are in a hard water area, we recommend you bury the pipe in the ground or cover with mulch to avoid drying out and being blocked by calcium.

How long shall I water for? +

This is entirely up to you, but an average of 4 litres per metre per hour (from the tap), you can calculate how much water goes into your garden.

How can I make Porous Pipe slower? +

Use a 1/2" hose pipe for supplying the water from your tap/butt and turn the tap down. Alternatively you can fit a 4:1 Pressure Reducer or an In-Use Plastic Tap to slow the water down.

How can I make Porous Pipe faster? +

Use more hosepipes or a larger hose pipe (i.e. 3/4" or 1") to supply water from your tap/butt. Open the tap up slightly, or raise the height of your water butt. The secret is to increase the colume of water while maintaining a low water pressure.

What will block Porous Pipe? +

Dirty water - remedy, use a water filter or setting tank.
Hard water - remedy, bury the pipe beneath the surface so that the sun cannot completely dry it out, or use a Polar purification magnet to prevent calcium deposits.

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