How To:

Install a Porous Pipe Irrigation System

Tip: Before you start get some hot water to heat the plastic and rubber ends of the pipe, helping you easily fir the pipe and fittings throughout installation

  1. First make the header pipe. Measure the plastic pipe to the correct width of the area you wish to irrigate, then cut the pipe into equal lengths, around 30 to 40 cm long and position it on the soil.
  2. Fit the quick release hose fittings to the piece of header pipe nearest the water source.
  3. Using the plastic tee connectors, connect all the pieces of plastic header pipe together. Its very important to make sure that all the tee connectors are all facing in the same direction.
  4. When you have assembled all the pieces together to complete the header pipe, fit a bung fitting into the final section of the header pipe.
  5. Cut around 10cm pieces of plastic pipe for each tee pees in your header pipe and connect them to the isolator valve. Add an isolator valve to every tee connector on the header pipe.
  6. Now secure the header pipe in position by pegging down each section of the pipe, making sure the tee connectors are resting on the surface.
  7. The next stage is to install the porous pipe. Connect the roll of porous pipe to the header pipe. Roll the pipe to measure the distance from the header pipe connection, to the end point of your irrigation area and cut it.
  8. Fit a bung into the end of the porous pipe, then clip down the porous pipe using the pipe pegs provided. Repeat this operation until you have covered the area you wish to irrigate.
  9. Connect the hose pipe to the inlet on the header pipe and now you’re ready to connect the water timer. We have provided a Claybor water timer in this kit.
  10. The first step is to fit the battery into the timer and close the case, connect the water timer to the tap then connect the hosepipe to the timer.
  11. Open the front panel on the timer. Here you will see the different settings. Select the programme you would like by turning the switch to the correct setting.
  12. Close the front panel and turn the tap on and you’re ready to go. Now sit back and relax in the knowledge that your selected area will be watered perfectly just like the professional grower.
Remember to remove the timer from the tap and the battery from the timer at the end of the season.

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