Pro Bore

The Professional Trickle Irrigation System

Pro Bore (5/8") soaker hose by Porous Pipe is suitable for many installations in municipal parks and gardens, private grounds (such as Universities and Stately Homes) and other commercial landscape settings providing precise watering and saving on labour.


Specification Imperial Metric
Diameter - Inside 5/8" 16mm
Diameter - Outside - 22mm
Working Pressure 30psi 2 bar
Maximum Watering Length 330ft 80m
Watering Rate 2.4-6.4 gall/10ft/hr 4-8 ltr/m/hr
Spacing 24"-42" 60cm-107cm
Compatible Fitting Size 5/8" 20mm


Pro Bore Irrigates:
  • Landscaped areas under bark or mulch
  • Garden borders and Fflowerbeds
  • Municipal road side borders
  • Lawns and sports turfs
  • Fruit and vegetable areas and more


  • Uses up to 70% less water than other irrigation solutions.
  • Cost effective if using a water meter/timer
  • Provides precise watering
  • Can be used above and below ground
  • Easy to use with a long life span
Pro Bore Close Up

Order Reference Codes

Coil Size Reference Retail Kit Ref
50ft PB50FT PBRK50FT
100ft PB100FT PBRK100FT
165ft PB165FT PBRK165FT
330ft PB330FT -
15m PB15 PBRK15M
30m PB30 PBRK30M
50m PB50 -
100m PB100 -

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